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Blyth Valley Green Party

Blyth Valley Green Party Members, January 2017

We are a local branch of the Green Party that was re-established in March 2015 by a passionate group of concerned citizens who were increasingly frustrated at the political choices on offer in the Blyth Valley area.

As a group of discontented voters, we found common ground within the Green movement and injected new life into the then dormant local party.

The revitalised Blyth Valley Green Party aims to:

  1. Promote policies and ideas that will help Blyth Valley transition towards a more prosperous, sustainable economy.
  2. Strengthen local communities and provide a louder voice for charitable organisations, not-for-profit and ethically-minded enterprises, and small and medium-sized businesses.
  3. Develop projects that put into action what the Green Party stands for, namely the creation of a more equal, just, and sustainable society.
  4. Engage in peaceful protest and other forms of activism to lend support to people in need and to highlight sidelined issues, especially climate change.
  5. Achieve Green Party representation in Blyth Valley on Town and Parish Councils, Northumberland County Council, and in Parliament.

Please browse this site to discover more about us and our party.


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