Help get more Greens elected

Our volunteers work hard to communicate the Green message to voters but the party needs to purchase leaflets, posters, and other campaign materials to support their efforts.

For instance, it costs around £120 for enough printed A5 leaflets for a whole electoral ward.

We in the Green Party do not accept donations from corporations, media barons, and billionaire donors who engage in unethical business practices. This ensures that we do not become beholden to such organisations and individuals.

This means that our success greatly depends on our supporters and party members digging deep and making a financial contribution towards our work. 

Making a Donation

If you support our work and objectives, please consider making a donation**. You can do this by sending us a cheque or making a BACS payment to our bank account.

  • To send a cheque, write it out to 'Blyth Valley Green Party' and send it to Blyth Valley Green Party, 83 Doxford Place, Cramlington, Northumberland, NE23 6DX.
  • To donate via BACS, please contact our treasurer for our bank details by sending an email to

Any donation makes a huge difference. Thank you!

We also need more volunteers to help speak to residents and deliver our newsletters so that we can get our message across to every voter in Blyth Valley. For more information about the ways you can help, please see our Get Involved page.


**By making a donation you confirm that you are eligible to make political donations in the UK, and that this donation is not made for or on behalf of any other person. All donations received are subject to the regulations of the Political Parties, Elections and Referendums Act 2000.