Make a difference

Greens at Blyth Market

There are lots of ways to get involved with Blyth Valley Green Party.

Consider the activities that you enjoy and the skills that you have. How might these help the party be successful?



To achieve its goals, Blyth Valley Green Party needs a large membership to help drive electoral success and to help fund its work. Joining the Green Party allows you to:

  • Vote in national leadership elections and in the selection of your local party's election candidates.
  • Influence the activities and strategy of the Green Party at the local, regional, and national level. 
  • Stand as a candidate for the Green Party in your local area.
  • Attend national Green Party Conference and vote on Green Party policy. 

If you would like to discuss party membership with someone from Blyth Valley Green Party please contact us.



In addition to new members, Blyth Valley Green Party welcomes supporters to sign up as volunteers to help with our campaign work. 

You could help deliver leaflets to your street or join our campaign team and speak to residents about their concerns.

Do you have fundraising experience or web design, press, research, and administrative skills? Whatever your level of experience and however much or little time you can give, we would love you to contact us.



Even if you do not have any spare time to help us with our work, you could donate to the party to help pay for the materials to assist our volunteers. 

Please see our donations page for more details.