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General Election 2017

Dawn Furness, Green Party Parliamentary Candidate for Blyth Valley

Dawn Furness has been selected as the Green Party's Parliamentary candidate for the snap General Election taking place on Thursday 8 June 2017.

You can read Dawn's candidate selection speech here.

A leaftlet in support of Dawn's campaign will be delivered to every household in Blyth Valley ahead of polling day. Click here for an electronic copy. 







Local Elections 2017

We have two candidates standing as parish councillors in Blyth Valley as part of the local elections taking place on Thursday 4 May 2017.

See below for more details about our candidates. 


Steve Leyland (Cramlington Village)

Steve Leyland, Green Party Candidate for Cramlington Village

I am standing in the upcoming local election because I believe that we need fresh new ideas to improve our area. I am 58 years old, have lived in Cramlington for the past 35 years, and currently run a small business with my wife that specialises in IT and education. I want to help create a fairer and more humane society that is based on a more harmonious relationship with the natural world. 

I particularly want see the town council make more concerted efforts to counter stress and loneliness among the elderly and disabled, as well as to create more fun, inexpensive, and enriching activities for our young people.

I would also like to see steps taken to localise our economy, such as increasing local food production and educating people about seasonal produce and growing your own food. 

The town council urgently needs to conduct a transport review to combat increased road congestion. Too many cars on our roads not only poses risks to health from vehicle emissions, it also leads to a seemingly endless expansion of the road network and parking facilities. We need a joined-up approach to transport in the area, one that seeks to encourage people to walk, cycle, and use public transport. 

Please consider lending me your vote on Thursday 4 May 2017. Click here to view my election leaflet.


Dawn Furness (Cramlington Eastfield)

Dawn Furness, Green Party Candidate for Cramlington Eastfield

I am standing as a parish councillor because our town desperately needs more elected officials who are willing to work constructively with one another, regardless of their political affiliation. I was born, raised, and currently live in Cramlington. I am a trained physicist, opera singer, and film maker and presently work as a screenwriter and film producer. I am an advocate for several local charities and campaign groups — including St. Oswald’s Hospice, Youth Suicide Prevention, Tyneside Women’s Health, and The People’s Assembly North East — for whom I have performed, organised concerts, and raised money. Indeed, I am passionately against austerity, an ideological programme that has harmed our economic recovery and has callously targeted the poorest and most vulnerable members of our society.

The town council needs to do much more to make it easier for the public to stay updated on the council's activities. If elected, I will champion initiatives that increase direct public involvement in local decision-making, such as participatory budgets. 

We need to make much better use of the green spaces in our town. I propose the creation of permanent wildlife habitats to increase biodiversity, protect threatened species, and enrich our area. Perhaps we could even create zones for community-based agriculture to lessen our dependence on imported produce. 

I am not entirely against new housing developments as there is a great need for housing, but it is disappointing how few of these new homes are affordable, well-insulated, and energy efficient. The council should be much tougher when assessing the sustainability and environmental credentials of planning applications, as well as their impact on local infrastructure. 

Recycling facilities could be so much better. I would petition the council to expand the range of recyclables that can be placed in our blue bins and conduct a wider audit of the council's recycling provision. 

Cramlington has so much potential to be a hub for clean energy and a model for a more sustainable economy and way of living; one that strengthens our sense of community. A vote for me on 4 May is a step towards making this bright future a reality. 

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