Blyth Valley Green Party gets back to business

12 July 2015

After 23 years of hibernation Blyth Valley once again has an active local branch of the Green Party.

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Back on a rather bleak evening in late February 2015, long-standing members of the party met with a bountiful supply of new members — fresh from the so-called 'Green Surge' — to kick-start the local party into action and contest the imminent parliamentary election in order to provide voters with a positive alternative.

For now we wanted to say a little more about the people that made this all happen. Our members hail from a wide range of backgrounds and until now most have never been a member of a political party.

What motivated them to join? Dis-illusionment with the mainstream parties and a deep concern over the direction of political debate within the UK are big reasons but there are many others.

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